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“Pop a cork, the new year is here!”

J.P.’s Big Daddy Biscuits

“ok, I come from a family of very picky biscuit lovers. I looked all summer for a soft big biscuit and have FOUND IT ! I don’t see why people have had problems with these. They are great and i make them all the time. I do substitute butter or margarine for the shortning, better flavor.”

Eggless Ginger Cookies

“Nutrition Amount Per Serving (12 total) Calories 447 cal 22% Fat 17.5 g 27% Carbs 69.”

Egg-free root veg rosti with damson chutney recipe

“Rostis are a type of potato cake. They make an excellent base for a relaxed post‑Christmas brunch, especially because you can prepare the mix the night before. Many rosti recipes include egg, but it’s not necessary, because you can exploit the natural clinginess of potato to hold it together.”

After 48 hours power finally came back this morning. Yay central heating and hot water!

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