Honeymoon Special – Part 7: Pamplona

Previously: Madrid


Because we were already in Spain while it was going on, I decided that we had to go see the Running of the Bulls.
Long story short, Pamplona smelled like a washroom in a dodgy club and Tomoko and I really wanted a bull to injure someone.


With the show over by 10am, people get ready to binge drink through another day.


And with that we leave Pamplona behind and make our to Barcelona.

3 replies on “Honeymoon Special – Part 7: Pamplona”

The Running of the Bulls has always seemed like an unnecessary danger that people introduce into their lives for no discernable reason, apart from “it looks fun.”

Anyone who gets gored while participating deserves it, completely. See any trampled tourists at Mercaderes?

We saw a couple of people get under a bull. The most interesting thing was in the arena where some guy was wrestling with one of the bulls (it was a baby). Some people took offense to it and started a bit of a fight.

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