Instant Noodles of the World Part Two – Six Fortune Tom Yam Instant Soup Noodle

Opening myself up to comments over my instant noodle consumption here is a review of the one I ate today.

Picture will be placed here later.

The first thing that impressed me about the noodles was the price. I’m pretty sure they cost something in the neighbourhood of 50 cents, which is pretty damn cheap. Opening it up I find that it has noodles (the wheat kind), a soup packet and a chili oil packet.

The soup is pretty hot. Definitely hotter than yesterday’s. It also has less sweetness and maybe more sour to it. There is no hint of coconut milk in it (real or otherwise). Still, it is a pretty good tasting soup, and would be a good option if you find Thai food to be too sweet.

The noodles scared me. They were the thin wheat noodles that I don’t like. The package states that they are air dried instead of fried, and maybe that’s the difference because as I ate them their texture didn’t bother me.

Soup: 7/10 – A bit of a simpler soup, which while done well would do better as a hot and sour soup instead of a Tom Yam soup. I expect a bit more from a Tom Yam soup.

Noodles: 7/10 – While they were the thin wheat noodles, they were done well.

Overall: 7/10

It’s worth keeping in mind that these noodles cost 1/2 to 2/3 as much as yesterday’s. If I were really broke then I’d prefer these ones for sure, as it is Tomoko can afford the extra 40 cents so I’d take yesterday’s instead.

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