Japan Part 6: Baseball

So much more fun than going to a Jays game. The fans are crazy, there’s continuous singing and music and lots and lots of balloons. Oh, and they’re totally cool with outside food (and even give you cups for your bottled drinks).

2 replies on “Japan Part 6: Baseball”

Sporting events are definitely more fun when the crowd gets into it. I heard that they are offering some sort of deal that allows all-you-can-eat at Jays’ games now.

Though this may encourage attendance, I’m sure it will also help type 2 diabetes skyrocket in Toronto.

Yeah, but all attendance means in Toronto is more people being passive inside the stadium. At the Hanshin Tigers game the cheerleaders (the guys wearing the yellow polo shirts and white gloves) had us chanting and singing while they were waving flags and playing their trumpets.

I guess the difference is that cheerleaders in Japan actually lead the fans in cheering while the ones back home do fancy aerobics in the hope of landing a modelling contract or marrying an athlete.

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