How to Use Enigmail with GnuPG in Thunderbird | Security In A Box

Those of you who use Outlook or similar for their email should look into switching to Thunderbird and integrating GPG into that with Enigmail:
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US and UK spy agencies defeat privacy and security on the internet

I have memories of attaching PGP signatures to my emails in undergrad. No one knew what the hell they were, and as no one used PGP themselves I couldn’t encrypt anything anyways. Perhaps now people will start to take a bigger interest in this and start using encryption software like GPG (a free, open source version of PGP). Why make it easy for these largely unaccountable agencies to snoop your stuff?
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Twenty years after In Utero, Nirvana’s importance hasn’t diminished

“I can walk down the street and someone will come up and say, ‘Weren’t you the bassist in Nirvana?'” says Krist Novoselic. “And I’ll hear a story about how our music changed their life. How their parents were going through a divorce, or how they were in rehab, and the music helped them through.”

Chris Bobbitt’s recipe for homemade ginger ale at Toronto’s Dr. Augusta’s Samitorium sandwich shop

“Sure, there’s always root beer, cream soda and orange crush. But if you’re looking for that carbonated heat at the back of your throat and that sweet burn on the sides of your tongue, there’s nothing like ginger ale.”

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