Honeymoon Special – Part 2: London

Previously: Glasgow

Because I have been to London a few times there wasn’t much in the city that I wanted to see. Instead the main thing I wanted to do was go to Stonehenge. Sadly, because of the unpredictability of British weather we ended up going to the Tate Modern instead.


One nice thing about the museums and galleries in London is that almost all of them are free. I guess they make up for it at the gift shop.

We got hungry and noticed people eating from bento boxes. Following the trail we came to a sushi bar and decided to give it a shot. Like most food in London it was way expensive and crap. After that we went to a cathedral, maybe St. Paul’s.


After a bit we walked by the Old Bailey (a courthouse, it was blown up in V for Vendetta)


On our way back home I saw this sign on the underground.


I wish the head of the TTC would write an apology for unnecessary delays. Maybe he’d just leave the sign up all the time.

Next up: Seville